The “New Normal”

Jul 17 2016

Having a nostalgic weekend, watching old Bauhaus and Siouxsie videos when it occurred to me… With tattoos, piercings and the like being so prevalent these days – The average (i.e. Boring) suburban mother at the grocery store looks more “subversive” than the members of Goth/Punk bands from 35 years ago. That observation, plus the news of the day makes me not like this “new normal” we live in.

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New Age, World, Ambient Radio Station List

Oct 01 2015

I am now also offering a list for New Age, World and Ambient radio stations. These stations report to the New Age/World/Ambient music charts on Zone Music Reporter.

This list is in Excel document format.

This list sells for $24.99, which is far less than you will find it anywhere else. I personally used this list for myself and my clients.

This list was recently vetted. But as always, I recommend contacting the stations first, or looking at their website to make sure you have the correct address and that the station and program includes the genre of music you are sending them.

You can purchase and download this list at the following link:


(Note: The original file was blank – This has now been fixed)

New Age music radio list

Ambient music radio list

World music radio list




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New College Radio Directory

May 16 2015

An updated College Radio Directory is now available for $4.99 (USD). Many college radio stations still require a physical CD if you want to have your tracks/music considered for airplay on their station. Many independent radio promoters will tell you that, “While you can promote to radio yourself – you shouldn’t!”. And one of the cases many PR companies state is that they have built up a relationship with these stations, DJ’s, Program Directors, etc., and you haven’t. There may be some truth to that, but, there’s no time than RIGHT NOW to start creating that relationship on you own. For my first radio campaign, I did go through and independent promoter and I was happy with the result. But after that, I was contacted by many stations who told me it was ok to send them my CD’s directly. I’ve now over the years have developed my own relationship that in the long run has helped me out than if I allowed a PR firm to handle all of the promotion without me. And besides, while you may have a great relationship with a PR firm now, that may not always be the case, or for whatever reason, you may replace members of your PR team throughout your career. So, by creating that relationship yourself, you can have some consistency and not have to start over every time you decide to go with a different PR team. And the other argument that is often made is – “You should spend time on you music, not the promotion!” OK, there is some truth to that too, but really, what else are you going to do? It’s your music and your career – and  you will care about how your PR or radio campaign is handled more than even a really great PR agent will, no matter how much you pay them. And yes, there is a bit of work involved, putting together the packages and mailing them off – but considering the pay off in the long run – you can spare a few hours of your time doing this. So – here is the link below to my college radio list. Many of these stations report to the CMJ. And while this list is as current as possible, it’s always a good idea to contact the stations first and make sure their contact information is up to date. And it’s a good way to introduce yourself and let them know ahead of time that you are interested in sending them a promotional package. And it’s always a good idea to verify their submission policy, which is usually located on the radio stations web site.

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White Screen of Death

May 02 2015

Basically my blog was trashed when trying to update. I will try to restore some of the more popular posts.

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